one life to live


One life to live, 2013
Single-channel video, 4’15“

One life to live is a short film that combines photographs from the artist’s mother’s youth and video clips from her current, modest everyday life. The visual material is synchronized with an overlaid audio interview with pop icon and movie star Marilyn Monroe. The use of formalized documentation has inherent properties which, through the disruption of the context with a sort of ad hoc mimicry, created a prototype whose looks, posture, speech and behavior could be identified with normal people in any kind of environment.


Every cultural environment creates space for new interpretations of events. Monroe’s narrative thematizes the interests of capital, considers human nature compromised by ideological and political imperatives, as well as pop-cultural conventions. Using themes of wealth and the unpredictability of personal experiences, the film revitalizes the space between life and death, which is controlled by circumstance.


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