biology of fear


Photographies of  dental supplies (dimension/40x60cm), made in a manner of intaoral scanner, aims to simulate the ambient ambulatory sterile environment where recall and stimulation of fear might open a new field of perception.. Prints are  visual representation of scanned dental supplies and medical equipment used in a very painful procedure called  “the impression jaw.” Throughout  this painful trauma I went alone.

Fear is the bond that binds life …

Because of extremely severe pain human loses consciousness. Entire life energy available is concentrated on this narrow area and the rational mind is losing the energy needed for expressing itself. For many people the very notion of experiencing pain is almost as equallystressful as pain itself.

Close to15% of the population suffers from some form of Dentalphobia. This disorder usually manifests itself as increased heart rate, nausea, sweating, urge to vomit and panic attacks.


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