Born in Belgrade, Serbia .

Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2005, in the class of Čedomir Vasić. Residence in Berlin as a guest student  in 2005 – Universitat Deutche Kunst Berlin

Besides painting and multimedia art she is occupied in searching for a “real job”. Exhibit since 2002.
In addition to exhibition , participate in electronic and video festivals
After studies, reviews the contemporary environment, life circumstances, and social selfexperienced.
Now, different topics placed through various media (video, photography, print)

• Experimental Art Platform, Karlsruhe

One Life to Live, Otober salon, Belgrade 2014.

• One Life to Live-short movie, Festival VIDEOMEDEJA, Novi Sad 2013.

•”Deviant mithology”-video Art class, group exhibition, Magacin Marka Kraljevića4, Beograd 2012.

•Golden ratio-photo installation, Magacin ,Marka Kraljevića4, Beograd 2012

• Yorick (photoprint), Autmn salon -Cvijeta Zuzorić Gallery, Belgrade2012.

• International Doumentary Film Festival Beldocs-short documentary film „Cinderella“, Belgrade 2010.

• Exhibition „CHAT“- photo prints, REMONT Gallery, Belgrade 2009.

• Video instalation „Positioning“, Elektrika Gallery, Pancevo,Srbija

• Video instalation „90Degrees“- Dream Machines project Gallery of contemporary art Pancevo, Night of Museums May 17th, 2009.

• Exhibition of photographs, Cultural centre Grodska, Belgrade 2008

• Exhibition of paintings, Cultural centre Rakovica, Belgrade 2008

• Video „Kind Regards“,Student cultural center, Belgrade,2008; KEF (Festival of short electronic forms), REX,Belgrade, 2007

• Video „The Class“, re-set, Cultural center Pancevo 2007

• Video „THERAPY“1, Festival of short electronic forms,KEF,Belgrade 2006

• Video Art Festival „VIDEOMEDEJA“, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2006

• Video „SWIRL“ Video Festival of free culture at the Art Gallery of the Youth House,2004

• Exhibition of Students works,Central Gallery ,Military House SCG,Belgrade, 2005

• Exhibition within the project of the Faculty of Play Arts, Belgrade, 2004

• Exhibition of Students Drawings, Student Residence Hall, Berlin, 2004

• Collective exhibition of Students works in cooperation with Medical Faculty, Belgrade, 2004

• Collective exhibition, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade, 2003

• Exhibition of Students works – Art Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts – Belgrade, 2002

• Student exhibition at the Art Gallery of the Youth House,Belgrade,Serbia, 2002

• Exhibition of Students Drawings, Student Residence Hall – Belgrade, Serbia,2002


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