Born in Belgrade, Serbia .

Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2005, in the class of Čedomir Vasić. Residence in Berlin as a guest student  in 2005. at Universitat Deutche Kunst Berlin. Besides painting and multimedia art she is occupied in searching for a “real job”. Exhibit since 2001.
In addition to paintings, drawings and photo exhibitions, participate in electronic and video festivals.
After studies, reviews the contemporary environment, life circumstances, and social selfexperienced.
Now, different topics placed through various media (video, photography, print).

About:Jelena Bokić  graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She is a member of Association of Fine Artists of Serbia since 2011. Was resident as a guest student, Universität Deutsche Kunst, Berlin in 2006. After graduation, her work investigates and researches the contemporary environment, the circumstances of everyday life, and social pathology. Her interests include social roles she has experienced due to life circumstances. Her artistic opus is thematically synchronized and presented via different media (video, photography, painting, installation, digital graphic). Has had exhibitions in Serbia and abroad since 2001. Outside of exhibiting, she participates in video and mixed media festivals such as FAÇADE – International video festival – Plovdiv, Athens Video Art Festival -International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media, International film Festival – Beldocs, Videomedeja, Novi Sad, etc. She lives and works in Belgrade.

2011. became a member of ULUS.

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